Thursday, September 10, 2015

#42: Fearection

After a losing battle with gravity, we're back on track and finishing off part three of our Marvel Movie roundup! Join Jesse, Mike, and Brandon as we discuss the end of Marvel Phase 2, and speculate on the future of the series. March along by pressing PLAY below, or DOWNLOADING to your mobile device for later listening pleasure!


  1. I wanted you guys to know that now that you are using SoundCloud, I like the interface and I love it for this reason... The audio graphic to me shows what appears to be a city skyline at the edge of a large body of water... 2015x42 Fearection audio graphic shows a very tall portion in what I am going to call West SquarePeg City on the map south of Bugtussle, the tall portion/building is like a Beacon of Hope.. perhaps it is the location of The Hall of Justice, you know after crime fighting becomes a big business enterprise and The Hall is now on the 52 floor of that particular high rise Ecommerce site... anyway... enough about me.... As you guys begin to start your podcast... I noticed a green blob slowly starts to take over SquarePeg City and I am mesmerized by it and I equally cannot understand the lack of any Super Hero's trying to stop the green blob from taking over the city.... I continue to watch it intently and soon the city is completely over run with green blobbery and I don't remember a damn thing you guys were even talking about... but For the record.. .I have watched The Avengers about 11 times... but Captain America Winter Soldier I have watched about 17.250987 times of the second power - Squared.... so Captain America is a better kind of Super Hero than say Thor... at least he is for me... OK....Back to your regularly scheduled Rant already in progress... I hear that you can only post comments with so many characters because there is a limi....

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