Friday, May 20, 2011

02x04 : Rise of the Machines of the Planet of the Apes of the Moon

Square Peg Show season 2 episode 4 is here, with Thor reviewed at 7:55, Limitless at 17:51, Arthur at 23:10, and the (rest of) May and June preview discussion at 24:44 (with Pirates at 21:45), where you might ask: How many pedophile Santas can one hobo shoot, anyway? At 35:50, there's Jesse's Movie Collection Adventure, A through F. At 44:10, it's a long edition of the Box Office Retrospective. Has Hollywood already sequelized and remade everything in 1991? We find a few contenders.

Now go check out the beginnings of the Square Peg Army before the great Square Peg Schism of '011. Press play or go for the download and feel free to leave comments in an iTunes review, at, on Facebook or Twitter, or below this post. Plus, we are opening our show up in a new way. You gave us some great mail this time, but... we have that phone number (1-762-233-PEGS). Call us up and leave your impressions of X-Men: First Class, Super 8, or any other movie coming up. Are you more of a Grandma's Boy person or a Grapes of Wrath person? Really, as long as it's related to the show or a movie and it's something resembling words, we'll play it. If you trip up when you're leaving the voice mail, just let us know what to cut. We're not animals. But there is something strange that wasn't there before. Can you feel the carnie love tonight?


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