Tuesday, July 20, 2010

01x04 : Positronic Bodysock

Why, look, it's the fourth episode of our pop-culture podcast, The Square Peg Show, with bad audio problems, the butchering of philosophy definitions, and only one hypothetical demolition of a sound stage. But there's also happiness, as we talk about Santa Claus biker gangs, Steve Carell leaving The Office, and how that talking can might get an Emmy. Please direct all factual errors and pro-Whedon, anti-D. mail to squarepegshow@gmail.com .

By the way, we usually post some spoiler warnings about plot specifics, but we were pretty good about only stating the premises in these reviews. However, if you want to skip to a certain section, check out the reviews of The Glades' "Pilot" at 25:00 (but please don't watch The Glades), The X-Files: "Drive" at 31:00, Star Trek: The Next Generation: "Cause and Effect" at 36:15, and Firefly: "Objects in Space" at 45:00. We hope you like the show.

Intro artist: Peter Bjorn & John



  1. Great show guys. On the topic of comics, have any of you read about the twelve-part installment of the Superman comic called "Grounded" in which the man of steel begins a one year journey across the United States on foot? Of course, on the topic of Superman, when do you think we will see a new Superman movie? It has been more than twenty years since Christopher Reeve hung up his cape and I think we are past due for a big screen appearance for Krypton's last son (No I am not overlooking any other incarnations of Superman, I'm just choosing not to acknowledge them. There is a difference.)

  2. Thanks, Justin! We'll bring up both topics on the next show.

    TO ALL: I said the episode has "bad audio problems," but I've listened to it again on a different device and it actually sounds better than other shows. Let us know if you are having any problems.

  3. TheMattHatter12/31/2010

    I agree with you Mike, someone needs to write that episode of X-files. That sounds awesome.

    Writing down what causes a time loop in a next gen episode. Wow. That is commitment.