Tuesday, August 3, 2010

01x05 : Four Layers of Epicness

Episode Five has got it all. Witness: the discussion of theatrical movies right off the bat (including Inception, with spoilers from 7:40 to 10:40). Observe: San Diego Comic-Con and superhero-movie conversation at 23:35. Endure: our ramblings on the box office winners of 1986 to 1989 starting at 34:20. It's the only podcast that puts Zac Efron, poetry fisticuffs, and the epic death of Littlefoot's Mom all in one hour. Press play to fill your bland up!

Intro artist: Simple Minds



  1. Observe: my enjoyment of this episode's intro blurb.

    Contest: my stealing of its form and viscious adherence to it in what may be seen as mockery, love, or just a gentle tickle.

    Conclude: that everyone will like this episode's witty conclusion if not the riot at minute 15:12.

  2. Anonymous8/05/2010

    Observation - No idea whats at 15:12. Won't load on my page. nice try.

  3. @Anonymous - Are you having trouble loading the podcast? If there is anything we can help with, shoot us an email. squarepegshow@gmail.com

  4. Mattchoo8/13/2010

    great show as always. The late '80s and early '90s are some of the best years for movies. Jesse I think I may just come over tonight, bang on your door and hand you planes, trains, and automobiles to watch. While I'm at it I'll tie you down Clockwork Orange style and make you watch it.