Thursday, January 27, 2011

Podcastration 01x04 : "Causality Loop"

The Square Peg Show proudly presents the first track from my friend, duke, who is covertly our friend, Duke. He chopped up our fourth episode and turned it into two parts amusing and rocking.

Download it here, or press the blue play button below.

Enjoy, and come back soon for the start of a new season of our podcast!



  1. I was so ready for the Causality Loop....Thanks DUKE, you are the man.... I liked it...probably because, I was so ready for the Causality Loop!! It was acutally weird how it happened, it was like, I pressed "play"....then, I couldn't remember I heard it, so I had to press "play" again...or was it actually the first time all over again??...Anyway, got to go... I have to go to the Square Peg Show so I can listen to their first track called "Causality Loop" **CHECK IT OUT**.... WOW...It is like Da ja Vue, man!!

  2. You can warp my causality infrastructure any day/second/infinitude.