Tuesday, February 1, 2011

02x01 : Just Look at the Pretty Colors and F*ck Off

Don't call it a comeback! Wait, we were away for four and a half months, say what you want. It's the start of season two of The Square Peg Show, where we reflect on 2010 and anticipate some 2011 movies.

On this blustery day, we mention everything from The Winter's Bone to The Joker's yang. For news, we've got discussion of casting for The Dark Knight Rises at 26:03, commentary on Oscar and Razzie nominees throughout the hour, and a 2011 preview, including a metric shit-ton of sequels at 34:49 and more superhero movies at 51:04.

Reviews! We quickly run through 2010 at 20:42, but our reactions to Green Hornet, Black Swan, True Grit, and Tron: Legacy start at 2:50.

All this, plus Swearengen as Blackbeard, an ode to stop-motion animation, the likability of pirates, moulin penguins, the staging of a Nic Cage intervention, and no... wire... hangers! Stream or download it, and check out the poll in the sidebar to help us figure out what to review for episode 2.

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  1. I am Jesse's brother and YES... I do love the Green Hornet's CAR (BLACK BEAUTY)which BTW, is a 1966 Chrysler Imperial...so, if you know anyone who has one, I will pistol whip them into submission and they will "Just Give it to me, free of charge"....
    **My Disclaimer: I would not actually pistol whip anyone into submission, but maybe until they cried , cried, and maybe cried some more and the only thing that would make the crying stop was giving me that car**

  2. So I loved what I heard up until 17 minutes, then either the podcast stream or my comp crapped out. Still: 17 minutes of funny.