Wednesday, March 2, 2011

02x02 : The Phantom Menace Taint

Tired of that not-so-fresh feeling? We prescribe The Square Peg Show, season 2, episode 2, available over-the-counter at most podcast providers. You might have a few side effects, though, because we discuss reverse engineering, reverse interventions, and reverse commenting. All of that requires additional medication, like Spartans with HandyCams® , sentient marionette dolls, and... The Rathbone.

We discuss the sudden loss of Dwayne McDuffie, known for his great stories in comics and animation. For more on his legacy, check out these remembrances. In frivolous news, we expound on the casting for Superman and Dark Tower, photos of The Amazing Spider-Man, pilots ordered of Powers and Wonder Woman, and other super-powered shenanigans. Our March preview at 12:40 features The Adjustment Bureau, Limitless, Rango, Red Riding Hood, Kill the Irishman, Paul, Jane Eyre, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules, Battle: L.A., and Sucker Punch.

There's a lengthy review of Primer at 34:50. (We discuss Primer's last act from 42:26 to 44:45, with a particular plot point at 44:10 that you might want to avoid if you plan on watching it for the first time.) Press play to stream our episode or go for the direct download. If you don't, the fucking universe ends, but whatever.



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  1. and I'm Zebbneff1...I just have five words for this recent episode.... DAMN YOU SQUARE PEG SHOW!!...oh, I have to explain??....I just listened to the last episode and I liked it enough that I had to listen to it again....and now, I am on the third trip around this funky Merry-go-Round. Thanks for taking up my otherwise uneventful(FRIDAY)night with all your shenanigans. Contrary to popular belief, I did not copy this audio representation of the podcast because I know it is protected by the Audio Podcast Association of America and it's subsidiaries and even if I did, I may have rerouted my I.P. address around Bangkok, Libya, Brazil, Metropolis, and it ended on Charlie Sheen's desktop computer.

    By the Way, I know you don't dwell to much on television, however, if you get a chance to watch ARCHER on FX, it may be worth a look. It's an ADULT THEMED CARTOON (not for the kids)...but that's the ticket, laddie...So far the first season rocked but the second season is starting off a little slow.

    My B.F.F.(my iPhone)and I love to listen to the podcast. Y'all keep it up, now ya hear?!!