Sunday, April 10, 2011

02x03 : Raised by the Snow Itself

Greetings, pod-listeners! We're back, later than planned,* with The Square Peg Show, season 2, episode 3, part 1**! Having mentioned Rango and Source Code in both prior episodes this year, of course we were going to go see them and talk into a microphone about them. Hopefully it's more exciting than that, though. Rango is at 32:08 and Source Code is at 44:53. And, we review the trailer of what has gotta be this year's Razzie winner at 42:10: The Beaver! Watch the trailer so you don't think we're making it up.

Our look at the movies of April begins at 8:05 and has our first impressions of Hanna, African Cats, Tyler Perry's Madea's Big Happy Family, Fast Five, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, Rio, Apollo 18, Insidious, Water for Elephants, Atlas Shrugged Part 1, and a few more. We discuss some of next year's movies at 24:36, including new things from Pixar, the world of Alien, and some very serious fairy tales.

New features! David starts off our new Rant segment at 30:23 while the Box Office Retrospective rears its nostalgic head at 56:00. If you've ever asked, What movie from 1990 deserves a remake?, we have that answer. You can listen by streaming or downloading and don't forget that we're on iTunes now. Also, if you want to leave us a voicemail so we can play it on the show, call 1-762-233-PEGS(7347). Tell us if you've had nightmares about Kuato.

*This episode was recorded last Saturday, so here we are, a week late, with profuse apologies. Hopefully you can still dig the April preview and box office conversation at the beginning. **This time next week we will have a special bonus episode uploaded, too. Now, go listen to the podcast or I'll give you an apple.



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  1. Zombie Jesus5/14/2011

    Sooooooo. I did what you said, and paused the podcast and played the trailer for "The Beaver". I immediately, came back to post this before I went back to listen to the rest of said show. I honestly thought someone had slipped acid in my morning coffee. This looks like a fucked up acid trip. Better yet, it looks more like a train wreck. Something that you cannot turn your head away from. I have to see this movie now, just to watch it crash and burn. I mean what the fuck.