Monday, April 7, 2014

14x04.1 : America, I Have to Interject Here

Join Mike, Jesse, Jill, and D. (returning from season one!) as we discuss MegaCon 2014 and the convention scene in general. What were the positive and negative parts of the con? Will you be going to any other conventions this year?

As mentioned below, this is our short podcast to enable us to catch up and plan ahead after a very busy March. Next week we will do a "regular" episode and talk about Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Leave us some comments about the podcast, comic conventions, or Cap 2 in the comments below, on Facebook or Twitter, or at . We hope you enjoy the show! Download it below or press play to stream.


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  1. Anonymous4/08/2014

    Hey, folks. Mike here. One more comment about MegaCon. In this podcast Jesse and I mentioned how some celebrities charge hefty fees for signatures. One person who was doing the exact opposite was artist Skottie Young. He was signing huge stacks of books for free, but with suggestions to donate to The Hero Initiative.

    When I went by Young's booth, Young was signing literally hundreds of comics for one convention-goer, many of them copies of the same issue. I felt this convention-goer was exploiting Young's generosity. Anyway, if you want to see Young's work, check out . I think he's one of the most interesting artists in comics. And if you want to donate to Hero Iniative's very worthy cause, making sure artists in need can cover their outrageous medical bills, here is the link: