Friday, April 4, 2014

Why We're Doing The Square Peg Show

March was quite a month; five podcasts and five videos later, we're instead doing a short podcast next week that follows the format of a basic conversation, while we recharge our batteries and plan our shows for the rest of April (and into May and June as well).

It occurred to me that Jesse and I haven't written on this blog without pushing said podcasts or videos in a long time, though, so I'm using this short break of ours to assess why we even started the show back up again and what we hope to get out of it. I won't speak for him but here are my answers.

The first question is easy to answer; it's fun to talk to Jesse and to talk about entertainment. The second answer is, I find it creatively fulfilling. There may not seem to be much creativity involved in essentially collecting conversations and discussions on a website, but there is an element of producing involved. We pick what kind of segments to do, or not to do; we go out on a limb to try new ideas, even if they fail; we enjoy the editing process, selecting music, and planning the next show. We go through formats until we find the kinds we enjoy the most.

It is creative, and I also enjoy talking about other people being creative, whether it's a writer or an actor or a studio executive or a propmaster. Movies, TV, comics, and other entertainment are simply fun to talk about, even when they're crap; hell, especially when they're crap. And as talkative people, there are few greater pleasures in life than good conversations with friends. If we can share that with the world, and other people find entertainment value in that, then why not?

Like I said, March was an unusually busy month for us, but we are glad to be back. I mentioned that we are using more types of formats. This is (more or less) how the schedule works out in any given month: the first two Mondays will see the release of episodes that follow the traditional format of movie-and-TV news and reviews. The next two (or three) Mondays of the month will tend to focus on a particular work (we've done episodes about Lost and Game of Thrones so far), a topic (like superheroes, b-movies, or one we have in the can already about a social issue), or something completely different. That way we are always mixing things up and not getting bored.

We find value in both styles of shows and we hope you enjoy them as well. Every episode may not be a topic you're into, but we can't be all things to all people. Instead, we'll just try to make the best shows we can.

We also have more guests lined up. You'll hear two more voices this month, both returning from previous seasons, plus Jill is returning from the GoT episode. We have three more guests lined up for May and June. We're excited. We're in this for the long haul, barring acts of God and unforeseen tragedies, like Ryan Reynolds starring in Ghostbusters 3. If that happens, show over.

Hope you stick around! Until then, be square.

- Mike Eidson

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